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Split spaghetti strap dress (orange)

art 2104214

125 $

Color: stik_color_orange

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Абсолютно новое прочтение любимого платья, которое будет актуально всегда и вне времени. Коралловое платье в длине макси с разрезами по бокам для ваших самых трогательных и важных событий.

50% вискоза, 30% хлопок, 20% лайкра

Размер XS

Параметры 91-61-91. Рост 172см

The warranty applies for 30-days after purchase.

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When measuring the girth of the chest, the tape should fit snugly to the body, from the front to pass along the most prominent points, from the side through the armpits, from behind, clasping the shoulder blades.

The waist circumference is measured strictly horizontally along the narrowest part of the body, passing through the most prominent point of the abdomen. When measuring the girth of the hips, the tape should be horizontal, passing through the middle of the thigh and behind along the most prominent points of the buttocks.

Size Chest girth Hip girth Waist Russia
XXS up to 87 up to 56 up to 87 38
XS up to 88-90 up to 60 up to 90 40
S up to 93-95 up to 64 up to 93 42
M up to 98 up to 68 up to 97 44-46
L up to 102 up to 72-73 up to 102 48

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